Greater Toronto Area Interlock – Weed Removal / Weed Control Service

For a long-term weed removal and weed control solution, Greater Toronto Area Interlock Ltd.’s method for weed control and weed removal has been known to obliterate pesky weeds and unwanted plant growth in interlocking paver stone driveways-patios-walkways. Our weed removal service uses an industrial power sprayer with a few tweaks performing an excellent method to remove dirt/soil and existing sand between the stones to allow the limestone or sometimes called screening to expose from under the interlocking stones. This also shows the full depth of the paving stone where we can fill from the limestone to the surface with brand trusted polymeric sand when activated with water bonds like concrete, creating an effective weed barrier for longer lasting weed-free stones. Also high-pressure washing cleans, reconditions rough or smooth surfaces to look like new again!



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