Greater Toronto Area Interlock – Landscape Additions

The possibilities are endless, adding interlocking/flagstone borders, garden wall extensions, driveway extensions…

Procedures and methods are same as New Installations, however, a little more attention of the existing product is necessary before initiating the project. Manufacturers that make the products, have made a few changes in colour and size over time and the product in which we like to install may not be readily available, if available at all! The more recent the stones had been installed the fewer problems are involved and colour matching will not be difficult. Without the protection of sealer, colours fade under the sun over time and the newer installation will be more noticeable from the old at the final finished product. But not all cases are true, sometimes colour matching come very near depending on the environment located around the stones may be surrounded by trees and structures that sit in the shade for a longer period of time than other stones.

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