Greater Toronto Area Interlock – Rain Drainage

Weeping Tile
Weeping tile is used to direct water away from a foundation. In most cases connected from a down pipe from the ease troughs buried underground with slits allowing rain water to distribute into the ground covered in gravel so soil does not seep into the weeping tile. Though the weeping tile is covered in a “sock”, landscape fabric is still used along the trench to ensure an effective drain system.

French Drain
A French Drain is a man-made cavity in the ground, filled with gravel. Prevents ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations and is installed away from building structures. The system distributes rain water from the weeping tiles/pipes collected from home ease troughs. Unfortunately there are some homes without this system installed and evidently an excessive amount of rain water can localize on areas where interlock or asphalt pavement is installed, will loosen the base of the foundation creating unwanted sagging and lifting or even worse, provoking a waterproof foundation of a home to fail. With a French Drain system installed, sore-eye down spouts from ease troughs allowing rain water to pour directly onto your driveway, patio and/or pathways will be eliminated and not to mention, no more trip hazards!

…But GTA Interlock Ltd. doesn’t stop there,

Unlevelled ground surface due to weak base foundations or mentioned above, rain water frequently pooling into common areas can cause sagging redirecting its destination back to the house’s foundation and really put that waterproof to the test every time it rains! Repairs, or sometimes called “lift & re-lays”, will adjust the ground level of existing interlocking stones / flag-stones and create a slight slope to direct water and costly home repairs away! However, if there is an existing leak in the home, all repair works mentioned above are only preventive measures and cannot repair leaks, neither are they responsible for future leaks even if all necessary precautions were taken. A well waterproofed home plays the biggest role for a leak free house foundation.


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